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Writing has been an integral part of my lifestyle. My first introduction was writing regular articles for my elementary school journal. When in high school, I wrote an article on Pythagorean triplets for a county journal. At MIT, I served a term as editor of APOcrypha, the newsletter of Alpha Chi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the National Service Fraternity.

Over the years, over 100 of my letters to the editor have been published in newspapers and journals and I have contributed articles to various educational journals. In addition, from 1991 through 2015, I served as editor of the newsletter of the Network of Educators in Science and Technology.

I entered a new role as an author when my first book Increase Your Brain Power was published in 2008. In 2009, my first fantasy adventure book Sonia in Vert was released. I am also working on several other books and plan to stay on course in those efforts.

An independent review of Sonia in Vert can be read at: Book Review
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