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       It is critical that Trump is not reelected this November. In this past term, he has been undermining the democratic system designed to serve all of us. His concerns have not been for the public, but only for himself and his cronies. This has been displayed repeatedly throughout these four year, resulting in a failed presidency.
       As in his previous endeavors, his actions have solely been aimed at helping himself. His patterns on all levels have had a negative influence on the vast majority of America. Similarly, his international choices have been detrimental. He has favored dictators while undermining valued treaties. He has taken unilateral actions and has done things that have previously been unacceptable for the head of the executive branch.
       He has displayed a lack of moral judgement, which occurred before he had even been elected. Many of the people associated with his original election have been found guilty of criminal activities and he repeatedly disclaims being aware of their actions and stated that he did not deal with them on a close personal level. Anything that he does not like is labeled as “fake news.”
       Trump is immoral, sexist, misogynist and racist. When efforts are made to question his actions, they are called “witch hunts.” In the first day of the Republican National Convention the president’s son framed backing him as supporting “church, work and school,” but his actual record does not support any of them. He has only used the church as a photo-op, he has taken actions that have been detrimental to everyone except for the very rich, increasing the national debt, and he has certainly not supported education.
       He has repeatedly made false statements to maintain the support of his loyal followers and doesn’t care what effects his actions have on the general population. He has backed white supremacists and paints an image of anyone who opposes him as being a villain. His lack of leadership has harmed our nation and has caused our country to suffer far more regarding the COVID-19 pandemic than would have occurred if he had taken positive, decisive steps.
       He has disclaimed the issue of climate change, which has been supported by scientific evidence for four decades – but, then again, he doesn’t accept scientific evidence if it does not support what he desires. The following statement from The New York Times notes one marked impact of climate change: “The warming of the planet doesn’t seem to have increased the frequency of hurricanes. But it has increased their severity, scientists say. Storms draw their energy from the ocean, and warmer water provides more energy. Warmer air, in turn, can carry more water, increasing rainfall and flooding.” Despite such clear factors, Trump chooses to do nothing to address this.
       He has repeatedly made controversial statements and then denied having done so. The Fact Checker column tallied by The Washington Post noted that the number of untrue or misleading statements made by Trump reached 20,000 on July 9, 2020! (62 were made on that day, and about half had occurred in a Fox interview.)
       Learning Trump’s fallacies is simple with today’s internet, so I will not waste time listing them here. In commenting on the third day of the Republican National Convention, Susan Glasser of The New Yorker pointed out the problem. “America right now has: deadly pandemic, massive unemployment and recession, schools unable to open, protests over racial injustice, a killer hurricane bearing down on the South…And I am watching Mike Pence talk about how bad things would be in Joe Biden’s America.”
       As has been pointed out by others, the goal of the GOP is to “smear, denigrate, and divide the Democratic Party,” as it is a threat to the power now held by Trump and McConnell’s senate. They want to cloak the fact that Trump is “a lying, racist, corrupt, would-be authoritarian.” It is critical that concerned citizens learn the actual facts, register and then be sure to vote in November. Make sure that your vote counts!
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