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Increase Your Brain Power (2008)
M.I.T. Alumnus Reveals Effective Ways to Exercise
Your Mind and Build Your Brain
Increase Your Brain Power is an ingenious collection of over 400 brain building puzzles. Each unique puzzle is designed to exercise and expand the mind and thought patterns in a remarkable and sustaining way.
This book covers a spectrum of levels within strategically grouped categories that tap into specific abilities and interests, and draws upon personal comprehension of a variety of subjects—such as: math, logic, history, and general knowledge. It challenges the brain to advance to the next level and increases brain power as you move up. This is a collection of completely original and innovative puzzles that present an effective outlet for intellectual engagement and leisurely fun.
"I am pleased to recommend Avi Ornstein's new work "Increase Your Brain Power" to all puzzle fans. Avi has been a frequent, long-standing contributor of both excellent puzzles and creative solutions to the "Puzzle Corner" department of MIT's Technology Review." —Allan Gottlieb—Editor of "Puzzle Corner"
"Avi Ornstein has contributed puns relating to shadows, drinks and birds to several of my recent Xanth novels such as Pet Peeve, Two to the Fifth, and the forthcoming Jumper Cable. Obviously he has a festering imagination." —Piers Anthony—Science Fiction author
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