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I have been in education for over 40 years. I began teaching before I had taken any education courses, based on a demand needs exemption in Massachusetts. While teaching four different 7th and 8th grade math and science classes, I took the necessary courses at Boston State College and was certified within my first six months.

My background experience is broad, being certified in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and general science. I have taught all of these subjects and have also taught at elementary, middle school and high school levels, in urban, suburban and rural settings and in both public and parochial schools. In addition, I have previously served as head of the science department for four years at a suburban school. In the past, extracurricular activities I have advised have included volunteer service clubs, chemistry teams, and Dungeons & Dragons clubs each in more than one school.

Currently, I am teaching chemistry at Classical Magnet School in Hartford, CT.

Educational Background:

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyB.S. (Life Science)
Central Connecticut State UniversityM.S. (Science Education)
Central Connecticut State UniversityEd.D. (Education Leadership)
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